About Wanda

         First Name: Wanda Marie
        Last Name: Guyton

       Date of birth: October 14, 1965
      Place of birth: Tampa, Florida

     Height: 6'1'' 1.85cm

  Interest: Individual coaching others to better their game.

My favorite Clothes: I like to wear sports attire and clothes that is talored for Wanda
Most favorite music: Oldies/Blues, Rhythum and Blues: Al Green, Ottis Redding, Temptatios, and Antia Baker
Favorite place to relax: At the Ocean!

Food: Italian pasta, Risotto au Funghi, German sauerkraut with sausages links, and pumpkin soup

On holidays i´m in: Italy, and hiking in the mountains

Favorite Movie: Color Purple
My Strengthes: Having Faith 


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