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            21.09.2009: Proud to be in the  USF Athletics Hall Of Fame.
            What INCREDIBLE moment!!

             28.03.2010: ACL surgery last Thrusday went well!

              04.04.2010: HAPPY EASTER!! 

            12.04.2010: Final four against Freiburg (best of three), we won 72-60.  

            19.04.2010: We are in the German Finals for the 8th straight time with a

             a with against Freiburg 65-48!  


     Wanda Guyton

   Wanda Guyton 42, is taking on a new roll in her career.

Wanda excepetd an assistant coaching job for the 1st and second basketball team in Wasserburg, Germany.

Wanda is also teaching basketball in a middle and High School in Wasserburg, Germany.

She ended her career as a 4 time German and Cup Champion.

Wanda Guyton along with 4 Time German and Cup champions will hold a all girls camp at the end of May.
Contact me:  

and write a messeage reguarding your
attendence or contact the club office for more details.

For teams who are interested in a point guard for this upcoming season for your team please leave me
an email and i will be sure and get back with you with full details of the player(s).

Wanda is 43, and has signed a contract to coach in Wasserburg after winning her 5th straight championships.
Wanda has one title as an assistant coach.

Wanda also continues to coach the young talent in the middle and high school for the state of Bavaria. Germany.

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